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Everyday you are born and in the evening, you die.


Educate yourself
100 reasons to go vegan
What are animal rights?
Get vegucated
Vegan vs. Meat-eater
What would happen if we all quit eating meat?
How many animals do you save by not eating them?
Benefits of veganism for your wallet, your health and our planet
Frequently asked questions
Making the transition
Vegan Starter Kit - Great for beginners!
Getting started
How to make the transition to veganism
So you wanna be vegan?
Mistakes to avoid when going vegan
Daily plan
Food recipes
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and dessert ideas
4 ways to make any vegan recipe
Vegan Health
Vegan breakfast recipes
Finding Vegan
The Vegan Stoner
Videos and Books
Earthlings (contains disturbing images)
Masterlist of vegan documentaries
Eating animals (PDF)
MEAT: the truth (contains disturbing images)
Why we love dogs, eat pigs and wear cows
Vegan: The new ethics of eating (PDF)
Credit for photo: Elena Shumilova

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